[U-Boot-Users] omap2420h4 u-boot debugging CCS JTAG

Komal Shah komal_shah802003 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 2 17:09:33 CET 2005

--- "Woodruff, Richard" <r-woodruff2 at ti.com> wrote:
> Get an updated u-boot, a pull from the main head
> will result in something better in this regard.

Ok. I have checked out this code and using it for the

> As to your exact failure, I expect your problem is
> procedural at this stage.  This bit of code when
from > the bin file, is expected to be
> running in flash, your disasm shows you already
> running in SDRAM, this
> is fine, but you would have had to load the elf file
> to get there...and

Yes. I am running from SDRAM. And loading the "elf"
through CCS. 

> this would imply your sdr and gel files have
> everything setup ok, and I
> bet this is not the case.

This is the clock configuration I am using:
 APLLs clock input is 12MHz 
 DPLL settings is 300 
 CORE_CLK_SRC  is 600.0 
 MPU_FCLK      is 300.0 
 DSP_FCLK      is 200.0 
 DSP_ICLK      is 100.0 
 IVA_FCLK      is 200.0 
 GFX_FCLK      is 50.0 
 L3_CLK        is 100.0 
 L4_CLK        is 100.0 
 Clock Configuration II 

Is there anything specific you are expecting for the
gel files to do it?

And in debugging the new cvs code, it gives me
following values for the registers after executing the
following instruction:

80E80554 E59FD024 LDR       R13, 0x80E80580

SP(R13) : 0x00000000
R13_SVC : 0x4020FFFC 

value at 0x80E80580 is 0x4020FFFC.

But the next instruction 

80E80558 E58DC000 STR       R12, [R13]

is executed then CCS crashes with the following error:

"Can't single step Target Program: Error
0x00001821/-1025 Error during: command, execution,
timeout, target, and error was encountered within the
emulation driver (PTI), but the precise context is

So, I think it was the first access to SRAM, and it
might had generated the exception ??

---Komal Shah

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