[U-Boot-Users] [Patch]IntegratorAP & CP multi core module support

Peter Pearse Peter.Pearse at arm.com
Wed Feb 2 17:43:33 CET 2005

      Attached a patch to allow users to specify the core module fitted
to their integrator board.

Please inform me of any defects found. 

* Patch by Peter Pearse, 2 Feb 2005
  - add core module targets
  - add ARM946E cpu support
  - remap memory to 0x00000000

a) Provides targets for all supported Core Modules
- targets are of the form integrator<type>_CM<id>_config Examples 
	make integratorap_CM946E_S
	make integratorcp_CM920T_config

b) Previous targets integegratorcp, integratorap retained.

c) Tested to build with 
	MAKEALL arm (trab & omap2420h fail)

d) Tested to boot linux & save environment on Integrator/CP CM926EJ-S in
all three boot combinations
	Run ARM Boot Monitor then manually run U-Boot from user flash 
	Run ARM Boot Monitor, auto-switch to   U-Boot from user flash
	Run U-Boot direct from user flash i.e. NO ARM Boot Monitor

e) Patched against head at 2 Feb 2005

f) Based on the patches submitted by::
- Shawn Jin (arm946e)
- Jean-Paul Saman (remap)

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