[U-Boot-Users] Booting problems for Integrator/CP+ARM920T

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Feb 2 18:02:49 CET 2005

In message <41108D1A000E576D at hawk.dcu.ie> you wrote:
>   I have an ARM Integrator/CP board(s) which
>   contains an ARM920T macrocell. I have been
>   trying to use U-Boot(1.1.2) to boot 
>   linux2.6.9 (with a patch applied from ARM's
>   website) on this system. As i understand it, 
>   U-Boot only supports the ARM926EJS macrocell
>   as the default configuration with the 
>   Integrator/CP but i was hoping the same boot 
>   process would work with the ARM920T macrocell??

What exactly do you want to  ask?  Why  are  you  using  code  for  a
ARM926EJS  when  in fact you have a ARM920T processor? You should use
(or create) a port of the ARM920T code for your board.

>   mkimage -n '2.6.9 Kernel Image' -A arm -O linux -T kernel 
>           -C none -a 0x7fc0 -e 0x7fc0 
>           -d linux-2.6.9.bin linux-2.6.9.img

Are you sure that 0x7fc0 is a good choice? Do you have  RAM  starting
at physical address 0?

>     Starting Kernel ...
>   Then nothing - the boot process freezes.
>   Does anybody know what i am doing wrong?? I have tried

I have the feeling that you might have missed to read the FAQ, especially

>   message as above. Do i have to configure and build  
>   U-Boot to support the ARM920T macrocell with the 

If you have a ARM920T processor, then yes, you will  need  a  ARM920T

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