[U-Boot-Users] Serial & Framebuffer Console together

Praveen VS praveen at spacomp.com
Tue Feb 8 16:33:19 CET 2005

Thanks for your previous mail

We have written the routine to initialise our
Color LCD Controller( S6B33B0A)
But we are not able to get anything on the LCD Screen
We checked the coninfo we are getting like this

$ coninfo
List of available devices:
lcd      00000002 ..O
serial   80000003 SIO stdin stdout stderr
nulldev  80000003 SIO

Our LCD controller is on VLIO & uses static Chipselect CS4
We are giving statics CS4 Address ( 10000000 on PXA255) for lcd_base
We are not sure whether we need to give this address ? If not what
other address has to be given?
Is this the reason for the nothing coming on the LCD?

Thanks & Regards

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In message <000d01c50b51$d9fe37e0$0400a8c0 at praveenvs> you wrote:
> But we want to use both Serial ( Both for STIN & STDOUT)&
> Frame buffer LCD console for only STDOUT

The current implementation of the I/O drivers supports only  one  one
device  at a time, i. e. you can have output either on serial _or_ on
LCD, but not both at the same time. But you can switch any  time  you

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