[U-Boot-Users] Serial & Framebuffer Console together

Praveen VS praveen at spacomp.com
Tue Feb 8 17:02:29 CET 2005

I am very sorry that I haven't given enough information.

Our board is customised board based on PXA255 processor, in that we have
the samsung
Color LCD Controller( S6B33B0A) .
The LCD is not interfaced to the Default PXA255 LCD pins.But it is on

In our board the IDE is on VLIO & so also LCD 
We are able to successfully boot from the Harddisk  
Now we are trying to initialise the LCD.IN our board the LCD controller
ChipsSelect is connected to the Static Chipselect 4 of PXA255

We have followed the basic routine given in the u-boot source to
initialise the LCD,
 We are giving the  the Static Chipselect 4 ( CS4 ) address for lcd_base
(10000000 on PXA255)
After initialising we are getting the shell prompt on stdout(serial)
In that when we did the cninfo we got the following..
$ coninfo
List of available devices:
lcd      00000002 ..O
serial   80000003 SIO stdin stdout stderr
nulldev  80000003 SIO 

We are not sure if the lcd console info is correct..


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In message <001201c50df3$8678e0d0$0400a8c0 at praveenvs> you wrote:
> We have written the routine to initialise our
> Color LCD Controller( S6B33B0A)
> But we are not able to get anything on the LCD Screen

We don't know your hardware, we don't know your driver, we don't know
how you integrated it into U-Boot.

This is not even enough information for a wild guess.

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