[U-Boot-Users] Coldfire P&E ProgCFZ vrs. u-boot self-programming method

NZG ngustavson at emacinc.com
Thu Feb 10 15:13:44 CET 2005

Reading through the README.coldfire document I can see that the recommended 
approach for installing u-boot is to download it to RAM through the BDM, then 
use it to burn itself through flash.

However, since we are planning on going into full production with this new 
5282 board, I could probably get the engineering dept. to swing the $169 
bucks to buy the ProgCFZ flash programming software from P&E(we already have 
a couple wigglers).
I'm thinking this would save us significant programming time on the production 
side, as we could just have techs flash in u-boot one after another.

What do you think, is it worth it? 
Is anyone else using this software?


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