[U-Boot-Users] error while loading image with fatload.

Sharad P. Katti sharad.katti at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 17:56:31 CET 2005


We are using u-boot-1.1.1, and trying to load the uImage from the FAT partition,

The board has a 20GB harddisk, and we have created 3 partitions in
that, using fdisk,
and the 3rd partition is of type FAT, we have copied the uImage and
the Ramdisk image
on the FAT partition, and while trying to load the uImage from the same,
we are getting the following error, the fat partition type is showing
as c (win95 FAT(LBA))

$ fatload ide 0:3 0xa0100000 uimage
reading uimage
FAT32, fatlength: 8568
Rootdir begins at sector: 17168, offset: 862000, size: 32
Data begins at: 17104
Cluster size: 32
Rootvfatname: |bcm  |
RootMismatch: |au|bcm  |
Rootvfatname: |uimage|
RootName: uimage~1, start: 0x3, size:  0xc4d60
Filesize: 806240 bytes
Reading: 806240 bytes
gc - clustnum: 3, startsect: 17200
curclust: 0xfff0004
Invalid FAT entry
Size: 806240, got: 16384

We are able to list the contents using the fatls command, 
what could be the reason for the above error..?


Sharad P.Katti

"GOD is real, unless declared as an int"

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