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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Feb 12 23:30:21 CET 2005

In message <528646bc05021213026ed990ce at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> You think?  If possible; I would get some hard numbers on your boot
> sequence and find out for sure.  You could use a serial protocol
> analyser to attach timestamps to the boot logs.  Make sure you're
> optimizing the right things.

You can do this even without hardware support. Attached  below  is  a
trivial  expect  script  which you can use to pipe the output of your
terminal program into to get it timestamped. this is not perfect  (as
it  timestamps  on the _eond_ of each line), but does it's job in 95%
of all cases. See the comment in the script for ow to use it.

> > In u-boot I can switch on the MMU and cache also, is this simply working
> > by enabling the two CONFIG defines?

Nothing is ever "simply working". You have to understand what you are
doing. Reading the README helps.

> I cannot comment on u-boot and the cache, but in the kernel the cache
> is turned on before decompression.  Look in

U-Boot always turns on the  instruction  cache;  the  conditions  for
using  the  data  cache  are processor dependent - always off on some
systems (8xx) or always on on others (like 8240 for example).

> > I agree fully. But for now our customer is upset about the 3 seconds to
> > boot prompt and we promised him to boot in one second.

It is wise to first measure what  you  can  get  before  making  such
promises :-)

> > Well, I tried the console parameter "quiet" of linux to figure out how
> > exepensive in time the console output really is. Booting lastst 2.8s
> > instead of 3.1s than. So it is not much, but a bit, since initialing of
> > the serial stuff would be omitted.

This depends on the baud rate, of course. 0.1 ... 0.2 seconds is  what
I see, too - for 115200 bps.

BTW - did you consider XIP??

It's off topic here (like most of  this  ;-)  but  for  the  sake  of
completeness: see also


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