[U-Boot-Users] building sc520_cdp target fails -- needs ssi.h

Chuck Meade chuck at ThePTRGroup.com
Mon Feb 14 15:52:00 CET 2005

For what it is worth, the sc520_cdp target in U-Boot does not build.
The problem with sc520_cdp is a missing file:  ssi.h.  The maintainer's
email address in the MAINTAINERS file just bounces email back.  

Now another unexpected one:  if you build lib_i386/video_bios.c,
you get an unresolved reference to pci_find_class().  There is another
reference to pci_find_class in drivers/sk98lin/skge.c.  I am not building
that file, but I do see a call to pci_find_class() in there, and someone
will trip over this eventually.

It looks like the x86 logic still exists in the MAKEALL script.  Is anyone
out there successfully building the sc520_cdp target?  Is anyone
successfully building with lib_i386/video_bios.c included in their
build?  It seems very strange that MAKEALL would work, if the sc520_cdp
target depends on a missing file.

Thanks for any info,

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> Subject: [U-Boot-Users] building sc520_cdp target fails -- needs ssi.h
> Building the sc520_cdp target on SuSE 9.1 Pro is giving an error message.
> It fails identically under SuSE 9.2 Pro.
> Building U-Boot for an x86 target uses the self tools (gcc, ld).
> The hello_world example fails to link due to undefined references to
> printf, getc, et al.  It does not appear to be building against the
> printf implementation in common/console.c.  I modified the examples
> Makefile to not build any examples since it appears that they are
> not going to build.
> The real problem is that there is a dependency on file ssi.h in
> several places:  cpu/i386/sc520.c, drivers/ds1722.c, drivers/mw_eeprom.c.
> I don't have this ssi.h file.  For those of you that are able to
> build the sc520_cdp target, where are you getting ssi.h?  It is not
> in the U-Boot distribution and it is not under any SuSE 9.[12] Pro
> include directories.  I also do not see it anywhere on my RH7.3 machine.
> Are you using a toolchain other than self gcc/ld on your development
> host to build this target?
> Thanks,
> Chuck Meade
> chuck at theptrgroup.com
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