[U-Boot-Users] memory sizing(440GX)

Barbier, Renaud (GE Infrastructure) Renaud.Barbier at ge.com
Thu Feb 17 21:36:21 CET 2005

thanks .did not know that there was code.
should this function find the correct RAM size.

I have tried this get_ram_size(0, 512MB) on a board that has 256MB and it does not return the proper size (256MB).

I guess I need to test incrementally for the memory size. Right?

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> was there any messages regarding doing memory sizing?

No, but there is code.

> I am trying to write a piece of code that would find out how much memory =
> I have on my 440GX board. not too successful so far.

Why do you have to write any new code? Is there any  special  problem
with common/memsize.c ?

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