[U-Boot-Users] 16bit BPP color depth image on LCD

Praveen VS praveen at spacomp.com
Thu Feb 24 15:03:20 CET 2005


Our board is customised board based on PXA255 processor, in that we have
the samsung Color LCD Controller( S6B33B0A) . 

The LCD is not interfaced to the Default PXA255 LCD pins.
IN our board the LCD controller ChipsSelect is connected to the Static
Chipselect 4 of PXA255 The LCD is a 16bpp LCD.

We are able to initialise the LCD. We are able to get the plain colors
sucessfully. We are trying to display u-boot logo on this  16bpp LCD.But
it is not displaying..

When we looked at code bmp_logo.c , we found utility called bmp_logo, 
which converts bmp file into header
This header file is for 8 bpp & has a bmp palette field.
It tries to write the Pallette info on to Palette Ram of PXA255.

But our LCD controller is external & doesn't have pallette RAM.It only
has a standard DisplayRAM The 16 bit colors which this controller
supports doesn't have the Pallete information.

How can we display the logo of 16bpp color depth image onto the LCD.in


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