[U-Boot-Users] jffs2 fs for linux

Hinko Kocevar hinko.kocevar at iskramedical.si
Sun Feb 27 16:06:10 CET 2005

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Yes, we did :-(

I'm having mail client problems, again :(. I'm really sorry for this.

> This is actually NOT related to U-Boot, so it's  off  topic  on  this
> list.

Yes it is kinda off topic, but I suspected that u-boot was 
"rejcting/ignoring" the rootfs image in the flash... so I decided to 
post here first to see if there are any steps that need to be taken on 
the rootfs before using jffs2 with u-boot.

 From the posts I can conclude that this problem has nothig to do with 


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