[U-Boot-Users] Question about using PSC2 as console under u-boot -- what am I doing wrong?

nick caruso n.caruso at rcn.com
Mon Feb 28 20:10:01 CET 2005

I have what I hope will be a very simple problem to solve:

Here's the situation:  we have a custom board based heavily on the
Lite5200 board (Icecube) from Freescale.  We have u-boot running on it
in the default configuration where the console is set up on PSC1.
We need to switch the console to the second serial port.

If I change the console in cpu/mpc5xxx/serial.c to PSC2 by changing the
configuration define CONFIG_PSC_CONSOLE in include/configs/IceCube.h to
the value "2" instead of the default "1", the resulting u-boot image
will not work.

When I say "will not work", I mean that there is no output at any 
baud rate on any serial port, and the machine appears to be hung.

If I leave the console at PSC1, and then switch the console to
PSC2/ttyS1 when I boot linux, the console switches to PSC2 and works
just fine.  

Is there some other configuration step I need to go through to make this

   thanks and best regards,

       Nick Caruso

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