[U-Boot-Users] Questions about startup code for S3C44B0 CPU-core

Alex Zu Seu_huizu at tom.com
Thu Jan 13 13:12:19 CET 2005

Hi Andrea,
thank you for your explanation but the stacks of EXCEPTION MODEs which  we discussed about is still not very clear.  U-boot here does not use interrupts,so there is no need for such initialization for interrupts,but we can't insure that there is no core exception.In case of these exception,the system may go wrong.So I think that we should initialize the stacks for those exceptions. 

And there is no initialization in linux, either.What should linux do in case of these exceptions. So there is the initialization in other common start codes of s3c44b0x.

Do you think is my comprehension  right? Why did U-boot not make the initialization?


Alex Zu  
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