[U-Boot-Users] IXDP size comments and board reset issue

Ara Avanesyan araav at hylink.am
Mon Jan 17 11:58:20 CET 2005

Hi all,

i am confused by the following comments:
1. board/ixdp425/flash.c
 switch (value) {

 case (FPW) INTEL_ID_28F128J3A:
  info->flash_id += FLASH_28F128J3A;
  info->sector_count = 128;
  info->size = 0x02000000;
  break;  /* => 16 MB     */

the comment shows 16 mb (correctly) while it's assigned 32 mb

2. configs/ixdp425.h
 * Physical Memory Map
#define CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS    1          /* we have 2 banks of DRAM */

defined 1 but commented 2 banks.

am i missing something?

Also I have another issue regarding to reset.
After linux reboot, it calls hardware reset (arch_reset). My board hangs. 
The same linux build resets fine with RedBoot. Is there anything specific 
here? (i do not have debugger to debug it myself :( )


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