[U-Boot-Users] Revision COntrol, Patch Database -- was: Patch for Cirrus Logic EDB9312

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Jan 18 10:28:44 CET 2005

In message < at> you wrote:
> Generally speaking about patch management, have you ever thought about
> using BitKeeper to manage U-Boot repository? Thanks to your great effort and

No. U-Boot is a Free Software project, and  we  will  never  make  it
dependent on a proprietary product withj nsty licensing terms.

> to the U-Boot developers, its popularity is growing very fast and I think that
> patch management task is become really huge. I started working with BitKeeper
> because Linux 2.6 and I think it could ease this task a lot.

It could if it was usable. But it ain't. It restricts your freedom in
an unacceptable way. Did you read the BKL license? [It's difficult to
do because it's only readable AFTER installing the product.] Did  you
read  for example section "3. LICENSEE OBLIGATIONS": "(d) No free use
for competitors". What if I happen to hack CVS, subversion or arch or
any other free frevision control system?

But I am perfectly aware that a system with support  for  distributed
repositories  would  be beneficial. We will probably try switching to

And while we are at it: another thing that would be useful is a patch
database. Any suggestions?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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