[U-Boot-Users] IXDP size comments and board reset issue

Ara Avanesyan araav at hylink.am
Thu Jan 20 10:06:12 CET 2005

>> Also I have another issue regarding to reset.
>> After linux reboot, it calls hardware reset
>> (arch_reset). My board hangs.
>> The same linux build resets fine with RedBoot. Is
>> there anything specific
>> here? (i do not have debugger to debug it myself :(
>> )
> Well, an uneducated hint. Could you define
Oh, seems I figured out what's the problem. That is, after ixdp reset the 
flash is not resetted and is in undefined state. There is a good discussion 
about this topic at arm-linux mailing list.
One needs to manually reset flash somewhere before the arch_reset function.

Hey I got u-boot running on avila board, i'll soon write a small description 
of how i ported it.

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