[U-Boot-Users] Query regarding PSDMR register values.

Apoorv_Sangal Apoorv_Sangal at satyam.com
Thu Jan 20 11:56:31 CET 2005

Hello All,
I am customizing Uboot for PowerQuiccII 8266 based PMC card.
Can anyone please let me know how the value of the PSDMR register is
obtained / calculated?
We are using MT48LC16M16A2 SDRAM (SODIMM). Specifically, we are looking or
the values of RFRC, PRETOACT, ACTTORW, LDOTOPRE and WRC fields in PSDMR. The
datasheet of SDRAM gives those values in nanoseconds.
But the PSDMR register in Uboot needs values in clock cycles.
Can anyone please tell me how to calculate the values for the required
fields (in clock cycles) from the values in the datasheet (in nanosecs)?

Thanks & Regards,
Apoorv Sangal.

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