[U-Boot-Users] U-boot and linux memory map

Terence Soh Terence.Soh at appliedbiosystems.com
Thu Jan 20 04:04:01 CET 2005

Hi U-boot collective,

I am using a NS9750 development board running U-boot. The booting sequence 
now is load via a SPI-EEPROM first which then loads the u-bootloader into 
the SDRAM and executes u-bootloader from SDRAM. I wish to boot from the 
flash instead and have some questions about the memory map. The 
documentation in ARM Linux recommended zImage to loaded to 0x8000 and 
InitRD to 0x800000. However, u-bootloader is gun-zipping the zImage to the 
SDRAM so is there memory address recommended for a unzipped Image? 
Similarly is there a recommended address for the INITRD?

U-bootloader will be writing the ATAG parameters I think at 0x100. Is 
u-bootloader also going to setup the zero page exception vectors and page 

Thank you in advance,
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