[U-Boot-Users] Re: [PATCH] Revisted patches for ARM IntegratorCP, ARM926EJS, and ARM946ES

Shawn Jin shawnxjin at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 19:36:26 CET 2005

Wolfgang, Philippe, Peter and others,

I made some mistakes when dividing the whole patch into several
logical sets of individual patches. The u-boot.arm926ejs.patch was
totally wrong. I apologize here for my carelessness.

The patches attached today is againt the latest CVS (1.1.3) and I've
tested to make sure there are no more such errors. Wolfgang, please be
aware of the errors in the previous patches submitted a month ago
(Dec. 20, 2004) and delete it from your backlog if possible.

Philippe and Peter, sorry for the trouble it might cause and waste
your time. If having time, you can validate the patches on your
platform, especially the patch for ARM926EJS.

Peter, thanks for the patch for the wrong configured timer value. I
cannot understand why I set it to 0x8C instead of 0x8A at that moment.
However please be aware that that patch was kinda obsolete. The better
way to fix CFG_HZ issue (thus timer issue) is implemented in the
patches attached today, which set CFG_HZ to 1000.

Best regards,

On Mon, 20 Dec 2004 10:55:06 -0800, Shawn Jin <shawnxjin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> The patches were developed on an ARM IntegratorCP board with ARM946ES.
> Since the majority code of ARM946ES cpu was copied from ARM926EJS and
> there was bug about CFG_HZ found in ARM946ES later, I also fixed this
> CFG_HZ error on ARM926EJS.
> The major changes are
> 1. Mulitple core modules support (u-boot.multicm.patch)
> Following OMAP boards' methodology, I added mulitple core module
> configuration. For example, integratorcp_946es_config is for
> IntegratorCP board with ARM946ES, integratorcp_config is for
> IntegratorCP board with ARM926EJS by default,
> integratorap_946es_config is for IntegratorAP board with ARM946ES, and
> integratorap_config is for IntegratorAP with ARM926EJS. Now only two
> core modules are supported, ARM946ES and ARM926EJS.
> 2. ARM946ES support (u-boot.arm946es.patch)
> 3. ARM926EJS bug fix (u-boot.arm926ejs.patch)
> Fixed CFG_HZ problem. Set CFG_HZ to 1000. The solution is from AT91RM9200.
> 4. IntegratorCP bug fixes (u-boot.integratorcp.patch)
> Added SDRAM size information and FLASH support.
> Philippe, I don't have an ARM926EJS core module. Would you please test
> the CFG_HZ fix on your system? Thanks.
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