[U-Boot-Users] problems with serial console

Suresh Chandra Mannava msuresh at gamebox.net
Fri Jan 21 09:22:12 CET 2005

>>I did not add board define in  "arch/ppc/boot/simple/embed_config.c"  
>>because u-boot-1.1.1 passes clock speed in
>>Hz and so as the kernel versions from 2.4.5 (DULG FAQ) accepts in Hz.
>Are you sure you know exactly what you are doing?
I got the thing correct. Problem is I selected the SCC console driver in 
Linux Kernel.
Now I deselected that option. Linux is booting smoothly.

Once again I thank  all the u-boot  community for their support.

Suresh  Chandra Mannava

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