[U-Boot-Users] Flash Burst Mode, where goes init to?

Konstantin Kletschke lists at ku-gbr.de
Fri Jan 28 11:55:43 CET 2005


With u-boot command interface I finally got the burst mode of my intel
28F128K3 device running. Initializing is in three steps:

Tell Flash it should "bursting", write 7F84 into RCR register:

mm.w 0x00007F84 <- 0x60

Then Chipselect 0 is informed:

mm 0x220000 <- 0x00510800

Finally send ACK Command to Flash in burst mode:

mm.w 0x00007F84 <- 0x03

Thats it. Or, in assembler it _should_ look like:

/* initialize burst mode */
        ldr             r0,     =FLASH_ADDRESS
        ldr             r1,     =FLASH_RCR_CMD
        str             r1,   [r0]

        ldr             r0,     =CS0U
        ldr             r1,     =CFG_CS0U_B_VAL
        str             r1,   [r0]

        ldr             r0,     =FLASH_ADDRESS
        ldr             r1,     =FLASH_ACK_CMD
        str             r1,   [r0]
/* end initializing burst mode */

To experiment with different timings and word burst sizes I would like
to implement the code into the u-boot code. But where do I should put
it? I use Motorola ARM9 i.MX CPU on scb9328 board.
If I understood right, 1st memsetup.S is executed, after that the
relocation starts. My reading of the code is vice versa sequence, I am
confused now...


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