[U-Boot-Users] MIPS build environment

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Jan 30 02:22:00 CET 2005

Dear Thomas,

in message <1107042893.5393.19.camel at gamecube.scs.ch> you wrote:
> Now I think there's a misunderstanding. There are two parts of u-boot,

No, srictly speaking there are not two parts of U-Boot. U-Boot is one
part, which runs from two different memory locations: first from ROM,
and later from RAM.

> namely the part that runs off SDRAM and the part that runs off the ROM.
> For both parts the decision whether PIC or fixed address code should be
> used is independent.

You have to be very careful, as the code from  the  "ROM  part"  will
call  the  very  same  routines  as the code from the "RAM part", and
everythink is linked into the very same binary image.

> You argue for PIC/relocatable code in the main u-boot part that runs off
> SDRAM. Rightly so, IMO. The patch I posted applies however to the part
> that runs off ROM (FLASH) (SDRAM doesn't even work before the call to
> memsetup, because the SDRAM controller and cache aren't setup yet). Now

I see. Sorry, I missed that.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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