[U-Boot-Users] MIPS build environment

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Jan 29 18:03:36 CET 2005

Hi Dan,

in message <e7af2eca2d0ca4432255ff965eb51330 at embeddededge.com> you wrote:
> I'd like to discuss how we can make the MIPS
> build environment a little bit easier to use.  For
> example, the cpu/mips/config.mk assumes big
> endian, and although I'll be the first to stand up

It was pure chance that the first two MIPS system to which we  ported
U-Boot  (INCA-IP and Purple) happened to be big endian. We, too, have
LE MIPS systems in the queue.

> to assist with the alternative :-)  I'd like it if
> we can just find a way to invoke 'mipseb-*'
> or 'mipsel-*' based upon the configuration
> chosen and let it go at that.

Please feel free to go on :-)

> I'd also like us to agree to use up to date tools.

Yes, but please not not break backward compatibility.

> Again, the config.mk with the test and hard coded
> flags depending upon tools seems unnecessary
> since the newer tools have been around for a
> while and proven to work.

It's true that newer tools are available and working fine,  but  that
doesn't  mean  that we can brak support for the old toolchains. There
are many projects running in Big Companies wheare introducing  a  new
toolchain is sinply not possible with reasonable efforts.

> Unless I'm doing something wrong, I also have
> to use binutils with the 'allow_branch_to_undefined'
> patch.

Yes, this is correct, at least with the  current  code.  Please  feel
free to improve that.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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