[U-Boot-Users] Clarification regarding configuration of flash

Ratheesh ratheeshs at utlindia.com
Sun Jan 30 07:29:15 CET 2005

Hi All,
           I am new to u-boot. I am trying to port u-boot on  custom(based on MPC850 processor) . I have confusion regarding the use of CFG_BR0_PRELIM,CFG_OR0_PRELIM,CFG_OR0_REMAP. please tell me what they signify.

my board memory map is as follows:

FLASH :   0xFF400000  -> 0xFF5FFFFF ==> CS0  (AM29LV160DT (Port Size=16))
SDRAM:   0x00000000 ->  0x00800000   ==> CS1
IMMR    :   0xFF000000

where should I set CFG_MONITOR_BASE?
please help me. thanks in advance.


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