[U-Boot-Users] new port/code location

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Jan 31 20:22:39 CET 2005

In message <20050131172035.GC14717 at scorpius.homelinux.org> you wrote:
> At the end of the initialisation (before the main_loop()), we shortcut
> to our own boot sequence barcbcd_boot();
> The boot code reads a number of bytes from a location from flash, and
> based on the values of these bytes, we boot the kernel locate 0xA or
> 0xB (after updating the value in flash). The practical effect is: try

Why do you need special code to do this? The same can be  done  using
existing  commands  and  a  few  lines  (actually one longer line) of
U-Boot commands (probably you want to  activate  the  hush  shell  as
command parser for this).

> The question is if this is acceptable and if not, what would be a better
> location to obtain the same effect.

No, this is not acceptable. I don;t want to have board specific  code
there, especially not when it's not necessary.

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