[U-Boot-Users] AT91RM9200EK erase ATMEL dataflash

S. Dikhoff dikhoff at gmx.de
Sun Jul 3 14:30:42 CEST 2005

I use u-boot-1.1.2 on an AT91RM9200EK board.
Does anybody knows how to erase the dataflash which is connected to the SPI?

I tried:

U-Boot1.1.2 > flinfo
Nb pages:   8192
Page Size:   1056
Size= 8650752 bytes
Logical address: 0xC0000000
Area 0: C0000000 to C0007FFF
Area 1: C0008000 to C001FFFF
Area 2: C0020000 to C0027FFF
Area 3: C0028000 to C083FFFF

U-Boot1.1.2 > protect off c0000000 c001ffff
Un-Protect 2 DataFlash Sectors
U-Boot1.1.2 > erase c0000000 c001ffff
Error: start and/or end address not on sector boundary

The copy of images with "cp.b" to this flash seems to work properly, 
even without erasing the flash before.

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