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How Wolfgang says its the best that you at first read the README file for better
But you find the config for RAM
this functions name is initdram(int board_type)

hope could help you

best regards

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I have a own board with an Virtex V2Pro (V2P30) an want to boot u-boot
on the PPC.
Starting from the demo-design for the ml300 demo board, I managed to
compile u-boot 1.1.1 (1.1.2 fails when running the tcl-script with EDK
7.1) and could download and run u-boot on my PPC. However, u-boot stops
after printing

U-Boot 1.1.1 (Jul  5 2005 - 16:50:28)

### No HW ID - assuming ML300
DRAM:  128 MB

I get no further output afterwards. Another strange thing is, that I
only have 32MB RAM on board but not 128MB as the ml300 has. However, I
could not find any hardcoded RAM size in the source files for the ml300.

Does anybody has an idea? I found the comment :

 * WARNING: this code looks "cleaner" than the PowerPC version, but
 * has the disadvantage that you either get nothing, or everything.
 * On PowerPC, you might see "DRAM: " before the system hangs - which
 * gives a simple yet clear indication which part of the
 * initialization if failing.

in the ./lib_i386/board.c, however, there is no appropriate warning in
static int init_func_ram (void)
of ./lib_ppc/board.c

Thanks in advance,

Thorsten Lück
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