[U-Boot-Users] Problem starting u-boot on Xilinx V2P

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Jul 6 21:58:18 CEST 2005

In message <42CBF5BA.5040409 at IfEN.com> you wrote:
> Whatsoever - I started using Xilinx application note XAPP542, which
> advised to start using ml300 design and generate a new BSP using EDK.
> Unfortunately the DRAM size was hardcoded in the board driver source
> ml300.c instead of using (the available) hash-defines. I fixed this and
> can therefore provide a patch if wanted.

Please do. But BTW: no matter if your hard-code a  number  or  use  a
preprocessor  define  -  both  ways  are  a poor solution and not the
original U-Boot style you should  strive  for.  Normally  you  shoult
auto-detect  the  type  and  size  of memory in your system using the
get_ram_size() function [in common/memsize.c].

> I realized, that the uboot-1.1.1 version supplied by Xilinx within the
> attachment of XAPP542 is not identical to the original version. Several
> patches and improvements has been made by Xilinx, which I cannot find in
> the acutal source (even 1.1.2 or cvs; indeed, 1.1.2 and cvs are almost
> the same for the xilinx board support package).

We live with what we get contributed back...

> One problem when using EDK is, that variables within the tcl-script
> uboot_v2_1_0.tcl are declared "global" instead of "variable", which
> leads to errors of "unknown variables" in EDK. Xilinx fixed this to
> "variable" in their distributed version. Are there any reasons (wrt
> ELDK) why to use "global" instead of "variable"?

Is this a typo? Our ELDK has nothing to do with this. From the U-Boot
code point of view (which is ANSI C) I have  not  the  faintest  idea
what "variable" or "global" means.

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