[U-Boot-Users] Problem starting u-boot on Xilinx V2P

Thorsten Lueck T.Lueck at IfEN.com
Wed Jul 6 17:16:10 CEST 2005

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Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <42CB7E35.8090805 at IfEN.com> you wrote:
>>My board is not as different to ml300 as one may think - indeed, it uses
> Even minimal diffeences can have significant effects.  Feel  free  to
> ignore  my advice, but please don't complain if you run into problems
> later.
>>>You missed to port U-Boot to your hardware. Go back to square 0. Read
>>>the README (porting guide section) and do what needs to be done.
>>Well - I _did_ port it (in the sense of using the appropriate BSP) -
> No, you did not. For example, you missed to adapt the SDRAM initialization.
>>PowerPC code may hang immediatley _after_ "DRAM:" printout. This led me
>>to the assumption, that my problem may be well known ...
> It is. It is actually a FAQ.
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk

Whatsoever - I started using Xilinx application note XAPP542, which
advised to start using ml300 design and generate a new BSP using EDK.
Unfortunately the DRAM size was hardcoded in the board driver source
ml300.c instead of using (the available) hash-defines. I fixed this and
can therefore provide a patch if wanted.

I realized, that the uboot-1.1.1 version supplied by Xilinx within the
attachment of XAPP542 is not identical to the original version. Several
patches and improvements has been made by Xilinx, which I cannot find in
the acutal source (even 1.1.2 or cvs; indeed, 1.1.2 and cvs are almost
the same for the xilinx board support package).

One problem when using EDK is, that variables within the tcl-script
uboot_v2_1_0.tcl are declared "global" instead of "variable", which
leads to errors of "unknown variables" in EDK. Xilinx fixed this to
"variable" in their distributed version. Are there any reasons (wrt
ELDK) why to use "global" instead of "variable"?

However, it seems, that the Xilinx version runs almost well (after some
minor adoptations).

Thanks for your help and worthwhile hints,


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