[U-Boot-Users] u-boot support for winCE on OSK board

Andrea Scian andrea.scian at dave-tech.it
Thu Jul 7 09:27:58 CEST 2005

Hi Naveen,

>When I applied the patch to my u-boot sources, it gave me an error.
>So i carried out the changes manually and compiled the u-boot.

In my experience it's preatty hard to have a patch that works "out of the 
box"! ;-)

>Then i used the new u-boot as the bootloader.
>After downloading the NK.bin source on to the SDRAM using tftp, i gave
>the following command.
># bootm 0x10000000
>But it prompted that "Invalid file format".

This is normal.. NK.bin it's not in "u-boot format" (required by bootm) you 
should use
bootwince command:

# bootwince 0x10000000

>Even i tried with the NK.bn0 which is a raw binary file in winCE, but
>i got the same error.

Same as above. NK.nb0 is a plain binary file, ready to be executed (with 
the only requirement
that it should be loaded at the right address).
You should just run WinCE from NK.nb0 by executing:

# go 0x10000000 [or whatever your address is..]

>On the same OSK board if i have to support the lcd display in the
>u-boot itself what are the things that i have to take care?

Sorry.. I cannot help you here! :-)

Best Regards,

Andrea Scian
DAVE Srl - Electronics System House

>Thanks in advance,

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