[U-Boot-Users] Question on FEC Parameter Ram structure

Srivatsan CR Srivatsan.CR at in.flextronics.com
Fri Jul 8 07:17:52 CEST 2005

 Dear all,

       The Ethernet protocol RAM area structure defined in
include/asm/cpm_8260.h is taking 8 bytes of additional space due to "ushort
rfthr" and "ushort rfcnt". These are not part of FEC parameter RAM area as
per the MPC8260 / MPC8280 datasheet.Also as per the data sheet the size of
the FCC (Ethernet) parameter area can be only 0xFF, due to these parameters
the size is greater than 0xFF by 8 bytes. 

        Just wanted to know was there any consideration for putting these
fields in the FEC parameter RAM area or is it a mistake? Thanks for your

With Regards,

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