[U-Boot-Users] Fw: Help! Low-16 bits of SDRAM can not work!

zhao haijian zhaohj at nci.ac.cn
Fri Jul 8 08:06:43 CEST 2005


I have been working on such a board we made:

Flash: Intel StrataFlash 16MB x 2
SDRAM: Samsung K4S5616320 32MB x 2
Two 16bits SDRAM chips are connected by the same CE,OE,OW,ADDRESS signals,forming a 32bits-width memory structure.

Using a emulator,I see the high 16bits of sdram works well,while the low
16bits always fail,though I've try many combination of configuration.
We also found no problem with the hardware by an oscilloscope.
(Finally we changed the high-16bit SDRAM chip but failed again.)

I want to know what could lead to this?
(Maybe a FATAL bit in a mysterious configuration register?)
Anybody ever met this?

BTW,I work on the base of CERF250 board.

Best Regards,
            Phililp Beijing P.R.China

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