[U-Boot-Users] Problem about sdram initialization!

junping feng junpingfeng at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Jul 13 13:47:19 CEST 2005

   Hi,I have a little problem with the ppcboot startup,the BDI2000 can program ppcboot.bin into FLASH .Board information can print through serial interface after the first initialization of board now.
    But when it run to the function relocate_code(in the /cpu/mpc8260/start.s),it don't run continually. Through LED on the board ,I find that it stops at the code below:
addi r0, r10, in_ram - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
mtlr r0
The size  of  SDRAM  size is 16MB,flash is 8MB,CPU is MPC8250,and my costum board is like the board MPC8260ADS.Othe infomation with my board is below:
BR2(control SDRAM): 0x0000 0041 
OR2:0xFF80 3080 
PSDMR: 0x2869 A452
       0x0869 A452 
       0x1869 A452 
       0x4069 A452 
SIUMCR:0x0A20 0000 
Please give me a hand.
Thanks in advance!

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