[U-Boot-Users] Problem about sdram initialization!

Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Wed Jul 13 15:36:22 CEST 2005

junping feng wrote:
>    Hi,I have a little problem with the ppcboot startup,the BDI2000 can 
> program ppcboot.bin into FLASH .Board information can print through 
> serial interface after the first initialization of board now.
>     But when it run to the function relocate_code(in the 
> /cpu/mpc8260/start.s),it don't run continually. Through LED on the board 
> ,I find that it stops at the code below:
> addi r0, r10, in_ram - _start + EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET
> mtlr r0
> blr
> in_ram:
> The size  of  SDRAM  size is 16MB,flash is 8MB,CPU is MPC8250,and my 
> costum board is like the board MPC8260ADS.Othe infomation with my board 
> is below:
> MPTPR:0x10
> PSRT:0x1900
> BR2(control SDRAM): 0x0000 0041
> OR2:0xFF80 3080
> PSDMR: 0x2869 A452
>        0x0869 A452
>        0x1869 A452
>        0x4069 A452
> SIUMCR:0x0A20 0000
> Please give me a hand.
> Thanks in advance!

You need to fix your SDRAM initialization.  We cannot help you with
this.  You need to read and reread the data sheets _for the SDRAM you
are using_ and figure out what the proper initialization sequence and
register values are.


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