[U-Boot-Users] initialize non-transparent PCI-to-PCI bridge

CuiYW ywcui at ee.buaa.edu.cn
Fri Jul 15 07:47:40 CEST 2005

hi, all
    I am porting U-boot to custom cpci board (MPC8540 based). On the board, we use Intel non-transparent PCI-to-PCI bridge 21555 to isolate MPC8540 from system, and MPC8540 is connected to secondary pci bus of 21555.
    Because no srom is connected to 21555, we configure 21555 using mpc8540 (implemented in U-boot). After system starts up,  mpc8540 can find and access 21555, but system card can not find and configure it(such as BAR0, BAR1). If we delay booting of system card(boot mpc8540 firstly),  system card can find and configure 21555 successfully.
    How to fixthe problem? Could you please give me a hand?

Best Regards,

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