[U-Boot-Users] Mac Address communication to Linux

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Ok, i was just wondering if Linux try to access to the environnment variable 
"ethaddr" to get it's value (i've forget one or two words in my question and 
i ask you to excuse me for that)

but to access to ethaddr, someone say me that i can modify the Linux driver 
to catch the ethaddr by a custom option in my bootargs

2005/7/19, Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de>:
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> >
> > i'm wondering something, i don't understand how can U-Boot communicate 
> to an
> > Embedded Linux.
> > Can someone explain it to me please?
> Which architecture are talking about? And what exactly is your
> problem?
> U-Boot passes arguments in registers; some of these registers may
> contain pointers to things like the board info data (struct bd_info)
> or the kernel commandline or a flattened OF device tree or ...
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