[U-Boot-Users] SDRAM initialization sequence!

junping feng junpingfeng at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Jul 19 15:54:10 CEST 2005

Hi,I have a little problem with the uboot startup,the
BDI2000 can program u-boot.bin into FLASH .My board is
like the board MPC8260ADS.CPU is ppc8250.
Board information can print through serial interface
after the first initialization of board now.    But
when it run to the function relocate_code(in the
/cpu/mpc8260/start.s),it don't run continually.
Through LED on the board ,I find that it stops at the
code below:


My SDRAM is samsang k4s643232f-tc60, total
16MBytes,two chips.Each is organzied
as 4*512K*32bits. The link address is the SDRAM data

Please check whether my SDRAM initialization sequence
is correct!

Thanks in advance!

/* init sdram dimm */
    printf("Now init 60x sdram dimm ...\n");
    ramaddr                         = (uchar
    memctl->memc_mptpr             = 0x1900;
    memctl->memc_psrt               = 0x10;
    immap->im_memctl.memc_or2       = 0xFF003080;	
    immap->im_memctl.memc_br2       = 0x00000041;
    memctl->memc_psdmr              = 0x2869a452;
    *ramaddr                        = c;

    memctl->memc_psdmr              = 0x0869a452;

    for (i = 0; i < 8; i++)
    *ramaddr                         = c;

    memctl->memc_psdmr              = 0x1869a452;
    *ramaddr                        = c;

    memctl->memc_psdmr              = 0x4069a452;
    *ramaddr                        = c;


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