[U-Boot-Users] initialize non-transparent PCI-to-PCI bridge

CuiYW ywcui at ee.buaa.edu.cn
Thu Jul 28 03:56:34 CEST 2005

hi, Williams
    Thanks for your reply. 
    I have studied your JSE board, and found that we have initialized 21555 at the same location as your board. 
    If our board start up firstly, the system board can find and access the 21555. System board can not find and access the 21555 if they are start up simultaneously. Is there the same problem on your JSE board?
    Thank you again.

Best Regards,

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> CuiYW wrote:
> | hi, all
> |     I am porting U-boot to custom cpci board (MPC8540 based). On the
> | board, we use Intel non-transparent PCI-to-PCI bridge 21555 to isolate
> | MPC8540 from system, and MPC8540 is connected to secondary pci bus of 21555.
> We use that chip on our JSE board.
> |     Because no srom is connected to 21555, we configure 21555 using
> | mpc8540 (implemented in U-boot).
> That's how we do it. Check out the board support files for the
> JSE board in the U-Boot CVS head.
> After system starts up,  mpc8540 can
> | find and access 21555, but system card can not find and configure
> | it(such as BAR0, BAR1). If we delay booting of system card(boot mpc8540
> | firstly),  system card can find and configure 21555 successfully.
> |     How to fixthe problem? Could you please give me a hand?
> The bridge should initially come up configured so that the host
> side configuration cycles are retried. Configure the 21555 to your
> liking, then clear the PCI-Lockout bit. The chip should boot up with
> the PCI-Lockout bit set. Otherwise, you are stuck.
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