[U-Boot-Users] Why can't I write flash on my custom board(mpc8540 based)?

CuiYW ywcui at ee.buaa.edu.cn
Thu Jul 28 04:45:08 CEST 2005

Hi, all
    There are two different type flashs on our customboard (mpc8540 based): AM29LV040B(bank 2) and 28F128J3(bank 1). To support the both, I refer to the example "board/cpu86/flash.c". My work is mainly to change flash width from 64bit to 8bit.
    Using flash driver, I can do any operation on AM29LV040B, such as erase, cp. But 28F128J3 does not work well:
    a) I use "erase 1:0" to erase the first block, but I found that all block of this flash is 0xff (using "md.b"). 
    b) After eraseing, I can copy something to the flash successfully(using "cp.b" to copy and "md.b" to view).
    c) When I reboot the board, it seems that nothing happened to the flash. The content of the flash is not changed.

    I am so puzzled, what happend?

Best Regards,
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