[U-Boot-Users] printf and MPC8540

Armand Ciejak armand.ciejak at free.fr
Wed Jun 1 15:49:05 CEST 2005

When compiling u-boot 1.1.2 for a MPC8540 board. I have a crash in the 
printf function. After looking at the assembler code generated I found 
the "stswi" instruction which is not supported by the e500 core. The 
config file I use is based on the MPC8540ADS config file which has the 
following defines:
/* High Level Configuration Options */
#define CONFIG_BOOKE         1    /* BOOKE */
#define CONFIG_E500          1    /* BOOKE e500 family */
#define CONFIG_MPC85xx       1    /* MPC8540/MPC8560 */
#define CONFIG_MPC8540       1    /* MPC8540 specific */
#define CONFIG_MPC8540ADS    1    /* MPC8540ADS board specific */

I use ELDK3.1 and CROSS_COMPILE = ppc_6xx-

What should I do ?

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