[U-Boot-Users] das u-boot and disc on chip

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Mar 1 17:15:20 CET 2005

In message <42248E52.8070109 at esem.com> you wrote:
> If I understood you right, U-Boot is maybe not the best choice for me, 
> because there are only 2KB XIP Flash available at address 0x00000000 on 
> startup.

I wouldn't put it like that. IMO your hardware is not the best choice
for you because it is missing a proper boot ROM (256 kB  flash  would
be  just  perfect)  to  allow  you using a decent boot loader without
jumping in loops.

> Because of the several boot-modes, the lh7a404 offers, I'm thinking in 
> the meantime about to ommit the loader completely and copy the kernel 
> image directly from DoC to ram and jump there.

And who will initialize the hardware for Linux?  Who  will  tell  the
Linux  kernel  how  much  memory you have, and pass all the other bot
arguments to it? And how will you get LInux into the DoC in the first

It's software, so all things are possible. But  not  all  things  are

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