[U-Boot-Users] das u-boot and disc on chip

Tolunay Orkun listmember at orkun.us
Wed Mar 2 22:26:51 CET 2005

Dear Wolfgang,

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <42248E52.8070109 at esem.com> you wrote:
>>If I understood you right, U-Boot is maybe not the best choice for me, 
>>because there are only 2KB XIP Flash available at address 0x00000000 on 
> I wouldn't put it like that. IMO your hardware is not the best choice
> for you because it is missing a proper boot ROM (256 kB  flash  would
> be  just  perfect)  to  allow  you using a decent boot loader without
> jumping in loops.

I 100% agree that dealing with a separate NOR boot ROM is so much more 
easier. However, I also see booting from NAND data flash with a small 
boot readable sector is quickly becoming popular in lower cost/smaller 
footprint/less power consumption equipment.

IMHO instead of denying this reality, perhaps we (as U-Boot 
developers/users) should make some enhancements to deal with this 
situation in a formal supported way before too many forks occur.

After all it is supposed to be **Universal** boot loader. ;)

Best regards,

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