[U-Boot-Users] Re: Verifying checksum problems.

Christopher E Cordahi chris at nanometrics.ca
Tue Mar 1 18:30:31 CET 2005

warrier at optovia.com wrote on Mon, 28 Feb 2005 17:55:03 -0500:

> Okay
> Firstly let me apologise. It seems I have no control on how my mails
> are sent. We are forced to use and ancient version of Lotus Notes here
I too have been cursing my Lotus Notes for a very long time, but
have learned to work around its stupidities and some of my own.
(I'm actually replying to the digest, but have removed all the
irrelevant stuff)

> I'm not sure how the rest of the folks on this list
> receive the mails that I send when I reply "with history" which is Notes
> quaint way of including your replies to my questions etc.
Badly as evidenced by what is sent back to you

> So
> A) I have not posted HTML to this list. I see no reason to. Any HTML
> links that have may have been added seems to have been done by this
> blessed mailer.
But you can change your settings, I might have a newer version
so the names and path might not be identical, but I'm 99% sure that
all versions that support HTML, have an option to disable it.
File -> Preferences -> User Preferences ... -> Mail -> Internet ->
Internet Mail Format -> Plain Text only

> B) The quote that you claim I have used improperly is something you,
> Mr.Denk  pulled out of my first post. It was from my original post and
> cut and pasted it in your reply. My mailer seems to have mangled this
> somehow.
Notes 6.5 has a somewhat better "Reply with Internet-Style History"
option which wasn't present in Notes 5.0.
I'd recommend only "copying and pasting" the text you want to
respond to, and not the entire "with history" that Notes gives you.

> C) Hence do not look below the area that contains my name Sadanand
> Warrier because that is where what I type ends and the rest of it is
> that is added by Notes.
But it is really ugly to look at, makes searching harder and
at best is just a waste of bandwidth & diskspace.

> Now to come to the problem.
Which I'll let others respond to.

> This is where my current mail ends.

> Thanks

> Sadanand Warrier


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