[U-Boot-Users] AT91RM9200EK Uboot on external Dataflash

SDI. - Dikhoff, Sascha SDI at Hoeft-Wessel.de
Thu Mar 3 09:20:49 CET 2005

sorry, I had a little Outlook Html Problem,
and I don´t want to spam this mailing list!
I hope this time without Html:

I´m developing under Linux 2.6.10 on the Atmel At91RM9200EK Evaluation Kit. 
Now I want to bring up U-Boot 1.1.2 on the external Dataflash (AT45DB642). 
I have a running (uncompressed!) U-Boot 1.1.2 on my parallel flash
(AT49BV6416), but I can´t erase 
the externel dataflash. Do I need the nand utility in my u-boot commands? 
Which settings are recommended in which header files to get my external
flash working? 
any help would be appreciated, regards 
Sascha Dikhoff 
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