[U-Boot-Users] Problem in running "ls" command

Pankaj GOYAL pankaj.goyal at st.com
Mon Mar 7 07:10:29 CET 2005

    I m using u-boot on my board which is based on the arm926ejs and my board has a support of 32MB nand flash of STMicroelectronics.I Have created 4 partitions (3MB + 7MB+ 10MB + 12 MB = 32MB )on my nand flash using uboot.I have made a jffs2 image(containing kernel.uimg and initrd.gz.uimg) the for my nand flash and written the jffs2 image on the first partition of nand using the u-boot.I have also given the jffs2 support for NAND in my u-boot.When I use the "ls" command first time it shows the images (kernel.uimg and initrd.gz.uimg)in the partition correctly.I m able to load the files in the memory using the "fsload" command and able to boot the kernel.But if I  run the "ls" command more then one time I got the following error
"get_fl_mem: can't alloc 68 bytes
"get_fl_mem: can't alloc 68 bytes
"get_fl_mem: can't alloc 68 bytes
many times and it does not show the files in the partition and I m unable to load the files in the memory.
Can some one please tell me what can be the problem.


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