[U-Boot-Users] trizeps2 SMC lan91c96

Hinko Kocevar hinko.kocevar at iskramedical.si
Wed Mar 9 18:01:52 CET 2005

Hi all,
I've successfully ported u-boot to trizeps2 cpu module from K&K that 
runs on pxa255 cpu, 32Mb FLASH and 64Mb SDRAM. Right no I get the 
command prompt.

Next I enabled CONFIG_DRIVER_LAN91C96 and set 'CONFIG_LAN91C96_BASE 
0x0C000300' - taken from linux kernel. After issuing tftp command I get 
following output:

U-Boot 1.1.3 (Mar  9 2005 - 16:32:01)

U-Boot code: A3080000 -> A30A9B40  BSS: -> A30AE1C4
RAM Configuration:
Bank #0: a0000000 64 MB
Flash: 32 MB
In:    serial
Out:   serial
Err:   serial
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0
$ tftp

Warning: MAC addresses don't match:
         HW MAC address:  00:18:00:10:14:18
         "ethaddr" value: 00:50:C2:0E:C8:D9
Using MAC Address 00:50:C2:0E:C8:D9
TFTP from server; our IP address is
Filename 'trizeps2_kernel.img'.
Load address: 0xa3000000
Loading: LAN91C96:smc_hardware_send_packet
LAN91C96: memory allocation, try 1 failed ...
LAN91C96: memory allocation, try 2 failed ...
LAN91C96: memory allocation, try 3 failed ...
LAN91C96: memory allocation, try 4 failed ...
LAN91C96: memory allocation, try 5 failed ...
  Reading 32766 words and 0 byte(s)

Now, in linux kernel I had to set bit LAN91C96_CR_INT_SEL1 in 
LAN91C96_CONFIG to select correct int, but in u-boot we do not use 
interrupts last time I checked and I have them disabled in my config 
also, so this should not be mandatory here.
 From the bdi debug session I managed to pinpoint the location where it 
all hangs - tftp.c, TftpSend():

             *((ushort *)pkt)++ = htons(TFTP_RRQ);

Has anyone any experience with lan91c96 under u-boot? Would I be better 
off using smc9111 driver instead?

Any comments are welcome,


hinko <dot> kocevar <at> iskramedical <dot> si
Hinko Kocevar, embedded systems developer
Iskra Medical d.o.o., Stegne 23, 1k LJ, SLO-EU

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