[U-Boot-Users] bad flash write times with u-boot

Stuart Yoder syoder at austin.rr.com
Thu Mar 10 03:17:51 CET 2005

The cfi_flash.c driver and CFG_FLASH_USE_BUFFER_WRITE did the trick.
Performance is much better.   We had been using a different flash driver.

Thanks much.


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On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 13:36:33 -0600, syoder at austin.rr.com
<syoder at austin.rr.com> wrote:
> We have a board with Intel Strata flash and are seeing flash write times
on the order of 1MB / _minute_ from U-boot.
> However, from Linux the same flash part can be written in the order of
serveral MB / second.
> Does anyone out there know if the MB/min write times we are seeing are in
the ball park of expected/normal??

Make sure you are using the common cfi_flash.c driver and
CFG_FLASH_USE_BUFFER_WRITE is set.  If you are still having problems,
I can benchmark my system here.


Cliff Brake

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