[U-Boot-Users] may i have a suggestion?

Ing.Gianfranco Morandi gianfranco.morandi at euro-studio.it
Sat Mar 12 10:36:40 CET 2005

Dear friends

I'm looking for a suggestion on a usable device for a new development.

We are planning to develop a design that will probably use a processor of
mpc8xx family. In order to specialize the question, I would say that the
most suitable device of this family would be an mpc870/mpc875.
Basic requirements are: 32-64Mbytes Ram, 8-16Mbytes Flash, 1-2 Eth100, 1
console port (used only for debug purpose) and finally 0-1 TDM.
Of course, linux will be used as O.S.
Now the question is: among all platforms for what u-boot and linux have been
already ported, what is the most similar to our requirements? And more:
anybody knows if there is at least one that can be used as reference design
(i.e. with available schematics)?

Any help would be appreciated
many thanks

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