[U-Boot-Users] autostart

Der Herr Hofrat der.herr at hofr.at
Sat Mar 12 11:44:58 CET 2005

HI !

 I have a problem with device initialisation in the kernel (all up and running
 in u-boot) , so I wanted to have u-boot load the kernel, decompress it but 
 then not actually start it -  reading the u-boot manual I found that one 
 should use autostart no. The sequence I used was:

   setenv ipaddr
   setenv serverip
   tftpboot 0x350000 vmlinux.PPCBoot
   setenv autostart no 
   bootm 0x350000 

 but that simply kicks up the kernel and ends up in a panic becaues the 
 network and serial port initialization don't work in the kernel which I'm 
 trying to debug that - but I can't seem to stop the kernel with a breakpoint
 as the xilinx tools (XMD) simply does not set it, so I wanted u-boot to stop
 at the kernel entry and step it from there - no luck though.

 So how can I get u-boot to just do the decompression but not pass control to 
 the kernel ?

thx !

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